Kronox 3100
Kronox 3100 is the new low emission clearcoat by Roberlo, which is characterized by a high level of balance between the quality of finish, ease of application and fast drying. This varnish is used in 3:1 ratio with the hardeners of the series and more than 5-10% of the extra "VOC PLUS" additive, so the technician can adjust the mix according to his taste or the way that he works. This will greatly facilitate the immediate adjustment of product data, in the different conditions of every bodyshop.
Another innovation of Kronox 3100, is the 3-liter packaging. This package is easier to use and produces a higher turnover of the product, and therefore fewer problems caused by bigger packages, that have been opened long time ago.
The hardeners of this series are the K34 (slow), K35 (middle), K36 (fast) and K38 (extremely fast). We want to make specific reference to hardener K38, which provides very fast drying times maintaining very high levels of gloss, finishing and curing.
The Kronox 3100 has other advantages such as high resistance during time, moisture resistance and excellent performance at any temperature.