Company / Who we are

CHRIS HATZIHALEPLIS and CO was established at 1985 in Pireaus, Greece. Main objective was trading paints and products related to car refinishing. During the passage of time, development and the extension of our efficiency, covered more sections like industrial paints, marine paints, body shop tools and special effect colors.

In our pursuit of a reliable and innovative line of ancillary products, where the connection of quality and performance is determinant, fully covering the needs of the modern bodyshop, we have chosen a wide range of products from the spanish company ROBERLO, which we exclusively represent in Greece since 1996. For more information about Roberlo products, please visit .

In the marine section, our co-operation with INTERNATIONAL PAINT, guarantees the ideal solution of such a demanding technical section.

Having always as main target, the satisfaction of our customers, we offer professional products and effective services. Our philosophy is to keep building their trust, by offering quality, technical support, while transferring know-how and our durable experience in the professional car painting.